Using an EQA Service enhances the chances of improving laboratory results over a period of time.


Using an External Quality Assessment scheme has gained importance in the world of laboratories in the last decade. Being part of the accreditation requirement of laboratories, it also enhances the chances of improvement of laboratory results over a period of time. External quality assessment for medical laboratories is also known as proficiency testing for clinical pathology and clinical laboratories. Nowadays these programmes are also used widely outside laboratories for point-of care testing. The main goal of external quality assessment is to improve patient safety by preventing errors in in vitro diagnostics and POCT.

SEQAS has been in the forefront of providing viable, large peer group based programmes across various branches of laboratory medicine.

Key Features Include

  • Comparison by instrument, method and specific reagents
  • Large peer group for better comparison of results
  • Easy to use data capture system
  • Results that is easy to understand and interpret
  • Yearly cycles
  • Monthly/Quarterly and cycle-end reports
  • Certification