Specific Protein Programme

Specific Protein External Quality Assessment Programme

(Monthly & Quarterly)

Key Info

– Liquid stable Human serum based material.
– A total of 24 analytes.
– Results submitted either by website based data capture system or by faxing results to SEQAS.


Albumin Ferritin
AFP Haptoglobin
Alpha -1 Antitrypsin IgA
Alpha-1 Acid Glycoprotein IgE
Alpha-2 Macroglobulin IgG
Antithrombin IgM
ASO Kappa Light Chains
B2 Microglobulin Lambda Light Chains
Ceruloplasmin Prealbumin
Complement C3 Retinol Binding Protein
Complement C4 Rheumatoid Factor
CRP Transferrin